• Chuck Leaver has worked in the high tech world for many years

  • Posted on February 20, 2018
  • Chuck Leaver has worked in the high tech world for many years now. He is an experienced businessman who knows exactly what is expected of him in senior leadership roles. For more than thirty years, Chuck Leaver has excelled in the world of high tech products and services. The high tech industry demands that you keep pace with the latest changes, but more than that—it demands that you also stay ahead of the curve. This is how a high tech company thrives, by anticipating the changes and innovating ahead of them. Innovation is, after all, the key to success for a company in the high tech fields.

    Chuck Leaver is an individual who is extremely well suited to senior management. He has experienced just about every rung on the management ladder, so he knows what challenges exist at every level and how to confront them. Chuck Leaver is proud to say that he worked his way into senior leadership. His record of success speaks to his ambition and drive, as well as his commitment to excellence. His wealth of experience has certainly helped to drive his success as well.

    Chuck Leaver is the Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, of a high tech software solutions company called Ziften. This is a company where he previously served as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Chuck Leaver is proud to be involved with Ziften, which he believes is destined for greater success due to its ambition, leadership, and personnel who are already in place, not to mention its innovative software solutions.

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